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Photo gallery of the facilities of the Little Rainbow school in Palma de Mallorca

Classroom 0 to 1 year: Baby Class

The Baby Classroom is a welcoming space where we aim to achieve the different objectives included in our programme, accompanying the babies at all times as they adapt to their routine in order to meet their different needs.

We offer the baby a climate of security and affection that stimulates a balanced emotional development. We consider it essential at this stage to stimulate the body’s senses: smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste, through activities involving manipulation and experimentation. We also believe it is very important that, as they progressively experience sensations in their own bodies, they express their emotions and needs. We always try to motivate them, so that they interact more and more in games with the educator and participate in sensory-motor activities.

Classroom 1 to 2 years: Little Kids Class

Our space for 1 to 2 year olds is a classroom with elements conducive to cognitive and sensory-motor stimulation. The educator presents different spaces and materials in order to carry out different activities in the daily routine. We offer stimuli to make it attractive to actively observe and explore the environment, generating interpretations of the different situations and thus motivating the pupils to learn by themselves.

At this stage, it is very important to provide scenarios to carry out, in an increasingly autonomous way, common activities and simple tasks. In this way, children will learn to solve everyday problems, increasing their sense of self-confidence and their capacity for initiative.

Classroom 2 to 3 years: Kids Class

The classroom for the older children is a large and bright place where, through spaces created by the educator, we carry out the different activities of the routine.

Through active daily stimulation, we encourage the pupils to express their emotions, feelings, wishes and ideas through oral language. We also aim to enable them to understand the intentions and messages of other children and adults, adopting a positive attitude and communicating their own interests. Through interaction with peers and educators, we want the pupils to form a positive and well-adjusted self-image and to achieve this by discovering their personal characteristics and possibilities.

Courtyard and vegetable garden

In the centre of Palma, we are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space of 200 square metres, where you can enjoy the open air all year round and live an infinite number of enriching experiences for children.

In our playground, which has a vegetable garden, wooden games, a balancing track… the children will be able to learn about and appreciate the basic components of the natural environment.

We want our pupils to learn about the changes and transformations that occur over time, while they discover for themselves how to grow the fruit and vegetables they eat every day. And they will do all this while they develop, guided by their teachers, attitudes of care, respect and responsibility in the conservation of their surroundings and the environment.


Come and visit our school with a large playground and vegetable garden in Palma!

Aula de psicomotricidad

Nuestro luminoso espacio polivalente de 40 metros cuadrados está equipado con diverso material, destacando los elementos de psicomotricidad. Los ejercicios de psicomotricidad son un modo ideal para los niños de cero a 3 años de observar y explorar el entorno, enfrentarse a situaciones de conflicto y superar sus miedos y limitaciones.

Tambien desarrollan la iniciativa propia y el juego en grupo y fomentan la creatividad, la concentración y la relajación. Por todo ello, ofrecemos este espacio con material especifico para el desarrollo de la etapa infantil en un ambiente seguro y adaptado a sus necesidades.

En Little Rainbow Centro Infantil creemos en la gran importancia de la psicomotricidad.

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