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At Little Rainbow Centro Infantil we apply active methodologies that achieve experiential learning and contribute to psychomotor development.


The methodology used at Little Rainbow is based on the pedagogical foundations of various authors such as Montessori, Waldorf, Acouturier and Pikler.

The centre provides materials and tools for early development and stimulation. Through manipulation, experimentation, heuristic play, symbolic play, free play and psychomotor elements, children develop their motor, cognitive, affective-social and emotional skills.

Our activities revolve around play, so that learning comes naturally and spontaneously. Our aim is for them to act as independently as possible: the educators are companions who help them to take an interest in the world and develop their abilities. We also carry out routines and directed activities, always leaving room for imagination and personal development.

At Little Rainbow we use Montessori and Waldorf based methodologies.


In our Little Rainbow school in Palma de Mallorca English, Spanish and Catalan coexist.

Through active and participative education, we carry out experimental activities and different workshops, all of which are included in our classroom programme to encourage language development and personal growth.

The aim of our trilingual project is to provide children with early contact with the three languages, promoting the English language in order to take advantage of the child’s extraordinary learning capacity in the first years of life.

To achieve these objectives, our educators work on different routines and activities mainly in English and hold conversations in Spanish and Catalan.

Family space

We consider interaction with families to be a key point for the routine development of our pupils, and for this reason, in addition to maintaining personal contact, we address families through a virtual agenda application to inform them of any aspect of each pupil’s routine or the running of the school.

During the course, our team organises meetings with parents and educators that allow us to transmit relevant information, resolve recurring doubts and provide families with ideas and resources to work from home. They also serve to dialogue, transmit knowledge and exchange experiences. The aim is to ensure the well-being of the pupils through a safe space for information and the resolution of doubts.

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